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           For many years, people have said, "You should write a book". Well, here it is; not so much
detail on some things, but it is amazing how much one sentence can convey.
            Today, there are so many books out there on psychic and spiritual matters,
and so much more knowledge available to everyone than thirty-five years ago when I first started out.
            The path is not narrow; it is wide; for God created the whole universe and within it dwells all in
Love, Truth, Knowledge and Wisdom, but 'the way' must be narrow for there are so many pitfalls.
            We cannot restrict our borders to one path of learning or another, for all have Truth within
them and we need  to search across all borders of culture and creed to put the big puzzle together,
each at our own pace, for who should judge who is ready or not, as long as we come from the right space?
Of great concern today is bigotry and a lack of tolerance; the establishment sees the people closest to nature and
the earth as out of control. Whose control? Some of us envy the lifestyle of those closest to nature; no rent to pay;
no electricity bills; fresh wholesome food; time for their kids; and closer to God, but the true history of nations can
be changed and concealed. Where did the Gypsies, the Aboriginals and the
North American Indians obtain their original knowledge?
If our children are so out of touch with nature that they think milk comes from a carton,    
what can they know of the greater Truths?
I asked myself recently, as I contemplated my bills and family affairs, "What's the point?"
The reply came back in March 2004: I am here to teach the most important message of all
reincarnation 'for as ye sow, so shall ye reap'; search and proclaim the true message of Jesus; become a disciple
in the truest sense; walk tall and be proud; proclaim it out loud.
I am the woman with no hair.
This book will take you further than any spiritual or paranormal book has ever taken you before. I will guide you on this journey step by step, starting with some very earthly facts about my life, and gradually taking you into the realms of things that lie beyond.
To begin with, I will talk about matters that many of you will already be familiar with, such as clairvoyance.  Within the parameters of accepting that we have free will and that a decision tomorrow can have the effect of taking your life on a totally different path to the one you are currently on, I can tell people where they are going in the future, I can see future illnesses, and I can locate lost possessions. It's a bit like having a TV screen inside my head. Sometimes an object is revealed, sometimes an atmosphere. The only problem is, there are no buttons for me to adjust the tuning, which can vary considerably depending on many individual factors.
What I have learned has not come through what you might call conventional means. In fact, I was receiving messages long before I realised that this wasn't a perfectly normal state of affairs. Sometimes I use Tarot cards, sometimes I use personal objects, but I could equally receive messages while in a trance or, if the message is particularly strong and determined, while I'm doing my normal grocery shopping. Some people call it a gift, or a power, or some term it telepathy. The fact is all these words are mere labels for a world that is far too vast to tag with a label, and far more complex and in-depth than many can wrap their 'logical' and pre-programmed minds around.
On one occasion, I was asked to relay a message from a deceased lady to her daughter.
"Tell your father to look for an old, battered cash tin.  There are some papers in it." 
The daughter told her father about the message, which left him totally mystified. He was living in a caravan and certain he was aware of every item left behind by his deceased wife. Nonetheless, a search began and the beaten up cash tin was located. Inside were old insurance papers that realised a cash windfall of several thousand dollars for the family.
My awareness of different kinds of psychic vibrations is something we are slowly beginning to understand under the broad heading of 'scientific' as we seek to understand how radio, television and electrical currents work. It increases one's awareness that atoms, molecules and electrons move in space without any solids being apparent to the naked eye. It makes people more receptive to the notion that there are perceptions beyond those revealed by the senses of sight, touch, smell, taste and hearing. The 'sixth sense' cannot be defined quite so simply.
In this book, I will cover far more than what I consider to be the relatively simple matter of clairvoyance (another tag!). Through relaying the experiences I have had in this lifetime, I will take you on a journey through all matters of the metaphysical and paranormal (more tags!). You may believe what I have to say, or not you have free will. It is your choice.  Perhaps you will believe some of it, but in reading the entirety of my experiences, you may conclude that this is too much for any one person to have experienced. I am not going to tell you what to believe. I am going to tell it to you how it happened with an open and honest heart and conscience. What you decide to do with this information is a matter you will have to resolve within your own conscience and heart.
Many people have asked me why I have had such a broad range of psychic, paranormal, metaphysical (or whatever other label you care to use) experiences. My answer is simple; I am open, people trust me and I'm looking.
I have also had my share of very humbling and grounding experiences. I devoted many years of my life to rescuing street kids, providing them with a safe and loving home where they could get back on their feet. It wasn't something I set out to do, but when a lost soul comes to me for help, I find it hard to turn them away. Consequently, a refuge sprung up in my world that enabled me not only to help others less fortunate than myself, but it also provided me with a vehicle to witness the darker side of the human spirit. 
There are many who love me; there are equally many who are not so charitable; for all there is an equal and opposite reaction. I have been accused of being in league with the Devil, a blasphemer and a child molester among other things. It seems there are many on this planet who find it hard to believe that anyone can help people simply because they believe it is what they were put on earth to do. In our crass, greedy, commercial, materialistic world, those who are not money grabbing and corrupt are often assumed to be insane by some measure. What a sad measure of human worthiness it is those people put on mankind. It is my belief that in the ultimate awareness those same people will come to understand the power and love of the Light, as I believe I may now help you to do.
I realise that, for those of you who have never been involved with the paranormal, or never had a paranormal experience (if such a thing is indeed possible), you may find it hard to accept this book in its totality.  I just ask this: believe that I am sincere and that I do not live in another realm. I laugh, I cry, I have bills to pay, meals to cook, dishes to wash, people to love, and I know there are many things that have nothing other than a completely earthly and rational explanation. I also know the 'psychic business' has become a multi million dollar industry that is sadly attracting more than its fair share of charlatans. 
For the record, I am a deeply religious person who believes with absolute certainty in the existence of Jesus. Although who, and what, Jesus may have been might be a subject of some debate, I know him to exist, and I know him to be a spirit of overwhelming and fundamental love. However, I also know he has a temper. How do I know these things? Well, you shall be enlightened as you read on.

Purchase: Waiting For Spirit to Tell Me
From Zeus Publications