My Stories & Client Feedback

ET Experiences

Following the advice when reading Dr David Jacob’s book I have written the following
comments and experiences. Keeping things in order always seems the best way to go.

I do not have any childhood memories of abductions although there is a picture in my mind’s
eye of a huge ship (it was like a hologram and massive) appearing over the back field of my
grandparent’s house where I lived the best part of my childhood.

I was told by “the Voice” remember you are here now, not a hundred years in the past, not a
hundred years in the future, but now. You are on earth for a reason and don’t forget it. Every
so often I would hear a ringing in my ears, as a small child I knew I was being tuned into. Had
I done anything wrong since the last time I was called to awareness or forgot to do something,
“no I didn’t think so”, then I would go back to playing and forget about it until the next time.
The “Voice” also told me not to worry if anything happened as the ships would take us off
from danger and I was shown a line of ships along the horizon. I was born in 1942 from a
religious and reasonably sheltered background. I was not allowed to listen to the radio or
read comic books so I know I was not influenced by anything in the media or any outside
My first strange experience of a supernatural physical type (I already had visions of spirits and
dreamt at lot, was clairvoyant and practiced meditation) was December 1970 when I was
crossing the Nullarbor with my first husband and two small children. Unable to cope that well
with the endless miles of flat country I asked my husband if we could travel at night, if we
could stop now and sleep and then go on our way during the night time.
My husband agreed to this as it would be cooler and more pleasant driving during the night.
After our siesta we awoke in the late afternoon as the sun was going down and commenced
driving. A huge red ball that I thought was the sun sped alongside the car; it seemed to be
covered by a black disc. Then it was dark and we drove for hours, after a time approximately
2.30am my husband pulled over and we went to sleep. Some hours later I woke up to find
myself upside down suspended in front of my husband looking up at his face. I gently did a
somersault back into my seat (we had been sitting side by side when we went to sleep) and
couldn’t work out for the life of me how I could be suspended in the air like that. That I think
was an “out of body” experience; or maybe not, I truly don’t know.
At one stage the Ashtar Command Group was big in Canberra. I attended a few meetings.
These events are always interesting as they gather together a diverse group: academics,
business people, ordinary people and some very odd people, sometimes with obvious mental
health issues, but genuine and well meaning.
After listening in fascination to the information that was presented by the couple running the
meeting and also absolutely fascinated by the large 4’ tall crystal on display we paused for a
break to have tea and refreshments.
Among the mingling crowd I overheard people talking; “this bloke isn’t genuine he knows a lot
but I think he’s got problems”. “Yes” said another, “I was amazed when he said he goes back
to his ship at night after these meetings and doesn’t have to eat like we do and here he is
eating cake and drinking coffee with us”.
I was taken aback that they didn’t realise that the person was in trance and the information
was being channelled through him. They thought the man himself was an “Alien” not
understanding the channelling. They called him a fraud but he was actually indigenous
person and a very good channel, taking us outside at one point to show us lights in the sky
transmitting pink and aqua colours, not stars twinkling.
Following on from this on another occasion, women from the Hughes Spiritualist Church had
an interesting experience. Three women, all married were driving home from one of these
meetings one Sunday night around 9.00pm, the road runs from Queanbeyan to Bungendore
and then on to Bateman’s Bay. The next morning they rang me agog with excitement to tell
me what had happened on their way home. On the road between Captain’s Flat turnoff and
Bungendore they had seen something in the sky. They stopped the car and pulled over to the
side of the road, all the women got out of the car to obtain a closer look and were amazed to
see what they called a ship passing overhead not far above them. It was as big as a football
field with pink and blue plasma lighting underneath it and orange lights on each corner. It
took 15 minutes to pass over them. In awe of what they had experienced and full of
excitement they rushed back to one of the women’s homes and found all three husbands
gathered there. “Do you know what we saw” said the wives, “we know” the husbands replied,
“you probably saw what we saw”. The men had been out shooting, up in the hills in the gum
trees near Lake George when they had seen the same ship pass over them some time before
it reached the road where their wives had witnessed their sighting.
Sometime later I read in a magazine that this ship had been sighted around the world since
the 1970s. I wondered if it was “flying under the radar” during these local sightings as nothing
had been reported, “officially sighted” on radar and there are tracking stations nearby in that
Referring back to the Ashtar Command Group, one of its members had an experience with
time shift, as have a couple of other people I know. This man I knew was a builder an older
person who was employed at a job away from his home down the coast. When he was
finished work he rang his wife to tell her he was on his way home and could she put his dinner
on. The trip was estimated to take about 2½ hours or more. Approximately 20 minutes later
he rang his wife from a local phone box to tell he was nearly home and would be there in 15
to 20 minutes. You can’t be she gasped you just left the coast. “Oh” he said I thought my
watch was wrong. He rang off and preceded on his way, when he arrived home he told his
wife that as he left the coast he had picked up a hitch-hiker, a strange looking older man in a
black suit carrying a briefcase who hadn’t wanted to talk much and had asked to let out on a
deserted stretch of road just before a town. The builder had thought this very odd as there
were no houses in the near vicinity. Now that I had come to think of it this was only a short
distance from where my friends had seen the large ship (the Silent Vulcan).
On another occasion a girl who I worked with rang me at work (I was a credit manager with a
large steel works). She was screaming down the phone “it’s me it’s me”. Who are you I
asked, “me from behind you”. I turned to the desk behind me where the part-time clerk
normally sat, “you’re not there” I said, “of course I’m not, I’m at home” she said “what do you
mean” I said. “What time is it”? She asked, “about 5 minutes past 3”, I replied. “Well what
time do I finish”? “3.00pm” I said, “well I’m at home and I’m scared”. “It takes 35 minutes for
me to drive home usually but I just pulled out of the driveway at work just after 3.00pm and
now I’m home just 5 minutes later, I don’t know what happened and I’m really scared”. I
calmed her down and said I would come straight over to talk to her. When I arrived she was
still upset but had calmed down, she could not think of a single reason for the time shift.
However during our conversation she mentioned in passing that she had had some
unpleasant news just a few days ago, her doctor had just revealed that she was going blind
and he could not do anything for her. I told her I believed she would not go blind, some years
later we crossed paths and she still had her sight and was in good health.
A friend who was interested in the Ashtar Command was waiting for a lift at a large shopping
centre. He suspected that the two men standing near him were “Aliens”, whipping out his
camera he photographed them. The camera literally fell to pieces in his hands but he saved
the film and had it developed. The picture showed the lift door and the floor where the men
had been standing, but where they were supposed to be, there were two beams of orange
light. In those days we used to tell people if you wanted to get good pictures of “Aliens” or
“extraterrestrials” the camera needed to operated by a psychic and five shots aimed at the
apparition or spirit lights would get two normal photos, one blank and greyish colour and two
with the “spirit beings” or phenomena with the colours completely different. With the new
technology all this has changed and everyone can now take pictures with only a single shot.
On a personal note I remember around this time doing a reading for a man involved with the
Ashtar Command, extraterrestrials, spiritual development and other things. During the
reading he asked me how the information came to me, how I knew so much about him and
other things. I can recall saying to him, I feel like I have, just under the surface, a
motherboard like a computer in my head, its on the top of my head where the hair doesn’t
grow and a lot of the information that I’m telling you I can access by running my hand over the
top of my head.

In 1987 – 88 there were episodes all around Canberra relating to pregnancies. The first
incident was with a girl living in my house, at the time I had about 6 or 8 street kids living with
me and one of my own children. The girl was three months pregnant and had not yet seen a
doctor or booked into a hospital.
At about 5.00am one morning I awoke half awake or trance like and I was aware of a man in
a silver suit standing by my bed. I followed him into the lounge room where he stood beside
me while I gazed upwards into a small strip of sky between my house and the next door
neighbour’s house. There hovering in the sky was a ship with flashing aqua and pink lights, it
was there for a few minutes and then left. Shortly after this I went back to my bed and slept.
Around 7.00am the household stirred and the pregnant girl came to my room. “You’d better
take me to the hospital” she said, “I’m bleeding. I immediately rushed her to the local hospital
where she underwent a D and C. The result was a full three month placenta but no baby. “I
feel like such a fool” she said “maybe it was a phantom pregnancy”, “I’ve told all my friends,
what do I say now” she cried. After this she never wanted to talk about the event in detail as
it was upsetting for her.
During this time the following events occurred: When we were waiting in the ward there were
other girls waiting to see the doctor and I overheard a nurse saying “you might as well get the
other one in, we’ll do them all at once”. What was odd, we were in the maternity section but
at one stage when I looked up I saw three doctors, hands in pockets staring into the ward.
They were the registrar, an ear nose and throat specialist and someone else, there didn’t
seem to be a maternity doctor present.

In the next few days I was in a suburban street when I saw at the kerb a young girl and a
small child, she was crying so I went to her assistance. “I don’t know what to do” she said “I
have no money and I’m having a miscarriage, I can’t be pregnant as I had an injection to
prevent this”. I drove her to the hospital and called her mother to pick up the little child and to
be with her daughter.
Around this time I was to do a group reading at a local suburb and at this meeting I came
across a tall heavily built woman, she looked very masculine and seemed to be used to
manual labour, however she was very caring and was quite concerned about her friends and
neighbours, girls around her own age, some of whom had been pregnant. These girls were
used to visiting Salvation Army not normally seeing someone like me so I was completely
unaware of them. Over a two week period all the pregnant girls had lost their babies, being
told by their doctors that a virus was going around that had terminated the foetus but the
placenta had still grown. The girls were all about three months pregnant. Around about this
time an article appeared in one of the women’s magazines that this had been happening to
women all over the planet with some women claiming that “Aliens” had taken their babies and
sometimes some of the mothers had gone to a ship later and had seen the children behind a
glass viewing panel and had not been allowed to touch them.

I went there once and was greeted by a man wearing a helmet; he took his helmet off and
had long golden hair with friendly, kind, eyes. He showed me the babies, they were in glass
looking tubes floor to ceiling, suspended in pink fluid, and he told me they had to be birthed to
a different atmosphere.
The article also mentioned how the situation came to a head when a woman in New York had
an ultra sound a week before she was to give birth, carrying full term twins. A week later
when she was booked in for a caesarean section to have the twins it was discovered they
were gone with two neatly cut umbilical cords but no babies. The thought was that the babies
were deliberately left to this stage assist to those poor women who had been accused of
aborting themselves and in danger of being locked up with a mental condition as there have
been so many cases and cover-ups.
On the 3rd of July 1992 I went to Perth to visit my family. My youngest sister was there too
and was fascinated by my psychic work and experiences. She asked if we could go to an
event or meeting. We bought the paper and found something on at a psychic meeting place
in the middle of the week at Subiaco. The group was supposed to be viewing some videos on
“Aliens” and an assortment of other topics.
When we arrived the room was full and I deliberately sat at the back behind a tall solid
gentleman, my sister sat beside me and said she could see perfectly. The evening began
with a man speaking and introducing the program. First off, there was a change of plans,
there would be no videos but a live medium would channel an “Alien” for us. A blonde woman
came on stage and sat down. I had a clear view of the MC but not her, which meant she
couldn’t see me. I counted approximately 100 people in the audience by the rows of chairs.
After the introduction we were asked how many of us had had a “UFO or Alien” encounter, 99
hands went up and beside me my sister gasped, she was the odd one out. The medium
settled in and the questions came thick and fast, why are my family being picked up every
night? Why do we have marks on our arms and stomach etc? When there was a lull I raised
my hand and was asked for my question, I remained seated and speaking clearly I asked
“what are you people doing with our babies”? There was a stunned silence; you could hear a
pin drop and people were frozen in their seats, I waited, what was
happening? Then the man in front of me moved to one side and I became
clearly visible from the stage, I expected to see the blonde lady sitting
demurely in the chair but instead there was an “Extraterrestrial” clearly
showing through her face with a longish neck and a bald head weaving from
side to side to try and see me. The face broke into a smile as the being said
“I know you don’t I”? “Yes’ I replied, smiling back as I heard my sister
mumble under her breath “how could you, you’ve never been here before”.
“You know the answer to your question don’t you” the Alien said. “Yes I do,
but I’d like you to answer it for the benefit of the people at this meeting”.
The “Alien” responded through the medium “we are populating a dying planet, that’s all”.
“Very well” I replied “but what about the poor mothers who lost their babies”. “They entered
into a contract before they came into this incarnation”, was the response. The meeting
continued with much discussion, my sister was bug-eyed with incredulous, astonishment and
amazement but I guess it wasn’t really what she expected anyway.

In the early nineties things seemed to hot up. The refuge that I was running for homeless
boys was targeted politically and was closed down and we moved away to an outer suburb.
The area on the outskirts of Canberra seemed to be constantly attracting UFO activity. As I
would arrive home coming into my driveway at night after picking up my grandson from the
child-minding centre I would say to my grandson who was about two years old, “looks like the
ships are in” the clouds above us seemed to glow orange. “Quick Grandma” he would say
after he hopped out of the car, “we have to get to bed”.
As we laid down in our bed later that night it was like a vortex of energy swirling above us and
up we went, sometimes he would yell out “there goes Dad” my son was already asleep in the
next room.
One time facing him I revealed a picture from behind my back to see his reaction, he held out
his little arms and with a big smile he hugged the photo and said “that’s my mother up in the
sky”. The picture was of a grey Alien. His mother who happened to be there at the time
turned her nose up at this and commented “I don’t look a bit like that”. The significance of the
moment being lost on her.
Most people are aware that there are many photographs of UFOs in existence; I have to ask
do we really think they are all fakes.
On Saturday 15th May 1993 a friend of mine had taken a photo, this is the story.
Just prior to this, the night before, the 14th May, I had been in Sydney doing a workshop.
Halfway though the night we went up to the mountain as one of the guests wanted to take
some photos of the night sky. As he was taking the photos I called out to the heavens, “OK
boys if your up there show yourselves, lets get a picture”. A flash of light appeared for a split
second, maybe a shooting star?
Two weeks on from this time I had a call from my friend, Jenny. She and her family had
moved into their new house, she asked if I would like to come over to see the house and that
she had something to show me. After welcoming me and doing a tour of the new house she
showed me a photograph and told me what had transpired a fortnight ago.
On the evening of the 14th May Jenny had gone alone to the new house wanting to clean
everything before the family moved in the next day. Her husband was minding the children in
their rented house at Kanbah.
At around 4.00am the following morning she was tired after working all night and decided to
head home. As she drove up the street she was aware of a light above her and she sensed
that she was being followed. Approaching the lights at Oxley, the lights suddenly changed to
red. The light in the sky hovered over her as she waited for the lights to change, it was
approximately 4.15am. Petrified, she took off as soon as the traffic lights turned green
arriving a short time later at her rented home. She rushed inside waking her husband and
children and told him to bring his camera outside to take a picture of the light and the strange
apparition that was following her. Half asleep her husband aimed as directed. The children
peered out of the window and Jenny told them all to stay inside in case the ships landed after
seeing the camera flash.
This is the photo taken by Jenny’s husband:
The following day, the newspapers were full of reports of strange
sightings, but as usual, everyone found a rational explanation for the
event and the newspapers were relegated to fish and chip wrappers the
next day. Jenny did however write a report for the UFO society.
Some time later a policeman came to me for a reading and I told him of
what had happened to me on the night of the workshop and also my
friend Jenny’s experience the next day. He laughed and said he remembered the incident
well. Yes, he agreed that the apparitions did appear on the top of the mountain on the 14th
May, 4 or 5 of them about 9.00pm at night. They were bright orange in colour and reports
were coming in for over an hour, during the whole time the ships were in full view.

In February 1993 I went to the Philippines to witness psychic surgery and had several
experiences at this time. In the first instance I was with a group of 15 people and we were
regularly attending the Healing Centre in Baggio City. One night after returning from dining
out we sat around the table in the reception room of the Hotel we were staying at. It was
approximately 11.00 pm; we had ordered some hot chocolate and other refreshments and
were sitting around discussing the events of the day. A voice spoke in my head, “go to your
room now” I ignored the request and it was repeated. Telepathically I said, “I don’t want to go
anywhere, I’m enjoying being with my friends” but I had to give in and I excused myself to go
to my room.
Even as I started up the stairs I could feel the energy draining from my body. By pulling
myself up by the handrail I made it to the top of the stairs and held out my key as I staggered
to the door. I opened the door and staggered inside, “must shut the door” I slammed the door
shut and fell face down on my bed fully clothed. I awoke the next morning stretched out
exactly where I fell the night before. I got off the bed, showered, dressed and readied myself
for the next day’s adventure.
Our group had hired a couple of Jeepneys and we were off to the China Sea down the
mountain. After a quick meagre breakfast we set off. The early morning sun was projecting
beautiful colours around us, the light bouncing off the greenery and countryside as we drove
down the mountain. I stared in surprise, “I’ve been here before”. Then I remembered, I had
flown through this mountain range the night before on the ship following the curves of the
mountain ranges until we flew off into space.
Upon my return from the Philippines I had a short visit to my family in Perth and then came
back to Canberra and to recommence work. I worked in an office during the week and on
most weekends did some cashier work at the Auctions. I had fibroids a condition that caused
me to bleed heavily. The boys at the office had been known to escort me to my car wrapped
in a blanket soaked in blood on occasions so I had taken to wearing nappies to prevent the
embarrassment, not wanting to go through the drama of an operation.
My friends were off to the Philippines again without me this time. I was a bit put out as I
would have liked to have moved there to do healing, but I had family to consider. I was given
a piece of Ayers Rock (Uluru) that someone had commented on that it was in the shape of
Australia. It was very thin and delicate and it subsequently broke in half. The night that my
friends were all flying out I decided to lift my sprits by meditating and lay down on my bed fully
clothed with a piece of the rock in each hand. I woke up about 5.00am undressed and got
under the covers and slept until 7.30am. I then got up out of bed and readied myself for work.
Arriving at the office just before 9.00 am I let myself in and began processing invoices on the
computer without a care in the world. Approximately 10.00 am I became aware of where I
was and what I was doing. “Oh” I thought, I’d better get a cup of coffee and go to the toilet
before my boss gets here. Off I went putting on the jug and then to the toilet. “Oh my God” I
realised in horror, not only did I not have a nappy on but I had not brought anything with me.
How could I have done this, I scolded myself. I thought of my boss’s expensive fabric lined
chair that I sat on. “What were you thinking, you idiot”, I thought to myself. Then a realisation
came to me, “you don’t have to do this anymore, you don’t need nappies anymore, you’re
healed”. I was astounded and I sat down. Then the memories came flooding back to me
from the night before.
Firstly I remembered lying on a couch similar to a medical bed and my hand being held by a
robot-like silver being sitting on a stool beside the couch. He had an appliance in his hand a
bit like a dentist’s drill and was running it over the skin of my hand. “You little bastard” I said
telepathically, “you’re reading my hand, my age, health, everything about me”. “Well, you will
see that I’m too old to have children and if you can read all about me, surely you can heal
Later I remember being taken up a circular staircase something like being in a ships stairwell,
being escorted by two men in black spacesuits but no helmets. One was blonde the other
was dark. The blonde one was angry with me, throwing lingerie at me and asking why I was
wasting my time on this rubbish and losing sight of my mission and ignoring the ground rules.
(I was selling lingerie and other things part-time trying somehow to make ends meet).
Next thing I know we were walking beside a lake, thoughts of the lake of Galilee, Jesus and
Luke came to mind.

I don’t remember a lot after that but at 5.00 am when I had undressed to get into bed there
were two beings waiting by the bed to take me off again. One was black about 6’ tall with bug
eyes and the other a friendly grey.
Now as I sat in the office and remembered all this I was very excited, I was buzzing with
energy, so I immediately called a woman I had been trying to help. She had issues to
contend with, such as change of life, chronic fatigue, depression and other associated
matters. She was the wife of a policeman and I had not had any success with her, try as I
might. I told her excitedly over the phone that I had just had a very powerful healing and that I
still retained an aura of energy around me that I would like to transfer to her. I told her to
close her eyes and I talked her into a meditative state, then I sent her the healing. She felt
the benefit immediately and after a brief discussion we hung up as I was expecting my boss
to arrive.
Late that afternoon her husband rang me when I returned home from work. “I don’t know
what you did to my wife” the husband said “but she is much better”. “She went for a walk, did
the housework and she seems to be back to her old self”.
Thank you boys whoever you are.
About 4 year ago we relocated to Warwick on the Darling Downs in South East Queensland
Australia. It wasn’t long before I became aware of activities in our area. For example the
“lights” that were sighted over the coast, nearly 3 hours away from our place in Warwick. The
lights were sighted at Warwick an hour and a half later travelling at a phenomenal speed
judged to be about Mach 3, approximately 3 times the speed of sound. At one stage they
were trailed by what sounded like a jet fighter plane. This was reported as space junk reentering
the atmosphere. “A likely story”.
Anyway when I first arrived I kept a low profile and didn’t talk to my neighbours about being a
clairvoyant or doing any psychic work. However they eventually found out and one of our
neighbours came to me and sheepishly told me he didn’t really believe in all this “Alien” stuff,
that was, until just recently.
A keen lawn bowler, he had been playing bowls at his local bowling club and right in the
middle of a game, late in the afternoon, pink balls of light appeared on the green and were
moving around and through the players. Thinking that this was a curious and humorous
happening, the bowlers bowled a few bowls at the pink balls and they also tried to catch them
by chasing them around the green.
After approximately 10 -15 minutes of this the balls suddenly changed to beams of light and
the bowlers looked up to see in amazement the beams of light being drawn up into a ship that
was hovering silently above them. Then just as suddenly the ship disappeared.
People tell me that I could be in league with the Devil. Let me put this to you, “God created
everything”, I only answer to God.

If I pray for help in the name of Jesus and the Devil does the work and Jesus gets the credit,
more fool the Devil. I believe the universe contains the Good, the Bad and the Ugly.
The Zeta Reticuli may be seen as cold, uncaring and some of the Aliens as even cruel. Well
look around you people, this planet has child sex slaves, paedophiles, sadists, artificial
insemination, torture during “war”, rape, and appalling animal cruelty to name just a few
injustices that humans inflict on each other and the animals that surround them.
What kind of monsters would club baby seals to death or keep bears and other of God’s
creatures in cages and such barbaric environments.
We need to look deeply at what we are doing and see ourselves through the eyes of others
that may visit us before we are the first to caste any stones.
Monica Ward

Ninja Ghost

Many years ago when I was still living in Canberra, I had a call from a distressed woman
saying her flat was haunted and no one could sleep, could I come over and see what's wrong.
I told her I had no free time for weeks and could she get someone else, she responded that
she didn't care when I came ,they weren't getting any sleep anyway so I reluctantly agreed
to call in that night around midnight on my way home.

Climbing the stairs up into an apartment block I was filled with thoughts about the big blocks
in TV movies with gangsters and dealers lurking in the shadows and shivered. Knocking on
the door of the apartment some floors up I was greeted by the woman who called and invited inside.

On the lounge floor were mattresses, sleeping children, another female and two big biker looking
dudes. I sat down on a lounge chair and asked what was bothering them and why they were
huddled up together all in the one room, "there's something down there in one of those rooms"
replied one of the men, "well why don't you go down there and sort it out " I joked with one of the
men, not me he said " you should feel what its like to wake up with someone trying to strangle you".

The lady who had opened the door offered to take me down to the bedroom where the trouble had
occurred. As we walked down the passage I could feel a change in atmosphere and in the bedroom
I could feel the cold up to my knees. We entered the bedroom and I immediately felt myself
attacked by an angry spirit. We went into the room anyway and sat down on the bed, asking
for protection from my guides.

I confronted an Asian man trying to manifest as a tough ninja looking type, telepathically I
explained to him that he was dead and asked him if he could explain himself and why he was
so angry and defensive. At first he didn't believe me but then acknowledged he was afraid of
men who had attacked him. I told him there was nothing to be afraid of anymore as he was already
dead and what could he tell me about what he remembered had happened to him.
From the pictures  I could see, I explained to the lady with me that he appeared to have
been attacked behind shops, I could smell food, maybe even Chinese, but in the end I couldn't
tell whether  I was in Canberra or even Sydney but it was dark and I was round the back, he
couldn't explain how he came to be in this flat but was  afraid of the men coming into the room.
I reassured him, prayed for him and he was led away to the other side. The room warmed up and
after a brief conversation with the other occupants of the flat I headed off to my bed which was calling.

The story ended a couple of weeks later when the body of an Asian man was found at
the local tip. Investigations proved he had been killed at the back of there local shops
and loaded into a rubbish hopper which had been emptied onto the tip by the garbage truck
some days later. A call to the people I had visited put the missing pieces together, yes they had
walked to the shops  and back just on dark to buy fish and chips for dinner and gone past the shops
where the incident had happened. It was after this that the problems had started for them.
It was nice to know that the spirit had gone to the right people to help him as we had sent him
home to the light so he wasn't a lost soul for too long.


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